Objects, Sources and Warps


Objects, Sources, and Warps can all affect FumeFX simulations.  You can access controls for all three by clicking the Obj/Src. tab in the FumeFX Floating Dialog.


Any geometry that can be converted to mesh can be used as an object that affects FumeFX fluid.  To do this, the geometry has to be picked so that its speed multiplier and volume type can be set.  Then, any movement it makes through the fluid will displace the fluid.  Note that there is no way that the fluid can affect the object (unless you script the object’s behavior).


If the object moves too fast, the simulation may become inaccurate.  It may even “eat” any smoke and fire that are in its path.  These problems will be more pronounced if you have set the number of solver steps too low.  To ease these problems, you can increase the number of Simulation Steps in Simulation tab.  Or, if the object is just consuming smoke, you can increase the object’s Speed Multiplier, which will increase the force of its push on the fluid.  


Sources are explained in the section FumeFX Sources of this manual.