Birth Operator



This operator is organized into two rollouts:  one for Birth parameters and one for Test parameters.




These are the same as test-related parameters found in PFlow Birth Operator, except that here there are no Uniqueness or Sub-frame sampling controls.







Group - Here, select which particles group newborn particles will belong to.


Birth rate, Per Volume, and Jitter - refer to PFlow Birth operator.


Inherit From FumeFX - Refer to the Particle Flow Birth operator for more information.


Particle Values - This group uses the same layout as the default TP operator, Position Born. Here, you can set the Life span, Speed, Direction Vector, Size, and Mass of particles along with a variation parameter for each.  The Emit distance parameter has not been included as it is not necessary in FumeFX. Please refer to TP manual???s section on Position Born for details on how to use these options.