Texture Map Paint



The Texture Paint tool will allow you to paint on the terrain with almost any 3ds Max texture map. With this tool, you can add additional detail to your Terrain.


As with any other paint tool inside the DreamScape Terrain Editor, you use the Texture Paint tool as follows:

Push the Texture Map Paint button.

Move the mouse pointer to the desired position inside the Terra Editor Preview window.

Click-hold the left mouse button to start painting, and continue holding it during the paint process.


Texture Map - Click on this button to open the Material Browser dialog. You can also drag and drop any 3ds Max native texture map to this button.


Recalculate - if you have changed the map, please click on this button so that the bitmap is recalculated (reloaded). Any time you change textures, or change settings within a map assigned to the Texture Map Slot, then you will need to hit Recalculate so that the painting pattern is updated.


Brush Size - Controls the size of the brush. You can enter the value or simply drag the slider to set the brush radius in percentages of the height field size.


Brush Softness - Defines the percentage of the Brush size that will be used to smooth the Texture paint effect along the radius from the brush center. With zero softness (Brush softness=0) the texture map will be applied uniformly over the whole Brush size area.


Strength - Positive strength will add the texture map to the Terrain elevation, while negative strength will subtract it.



Tablet Support

If you are using pressure-sensitive digitizing tablets, you can control the Size, Softness and Strength values with the pen pressure.