The DreamScape Sun light is a special light type that interacts with other DreamScape objects and is responsible for creating complex lighting output including a form of global illumination where soft shadows and indirect light generated from the DreamScape Sky atmospheric are calculated in the scene.


It is the ONLY light type that can illuminate the sky and clouds created with the DreamScape Sky atmospheric.


Soft shadows and indirect lighting from the DreamScape Sun



Sun Light Creation

The DreamScape Sun light can be accessed through the Create panel. By clicking on the Lights icon, then from the dropdown menu, you'll see below the built-in Standard and Photometric light types a new option titled DreamScape.


Once selected, you are presented with a single light type called Sun.


The Sun light type is created in exactly the same manner as all of the built-in 3ds Max lights, and can be dragged out in any viewport. One thing worth noting is that it's icon representation is much different than normal lights (as shown below), and this makes it easier to pick out in complex scenes.


DreamScape Sun light


The DreamScape Sun light has two rollouts. Click on the links below to go to that specific set of controls.