Relese History





New features in DreamScape 2.5 include the following:


Rapid Ray Enhancements

New controls have been added to the DreamScape RapidRay system to enhance the output from the software when needed. This includes the ability to have the atmospheric seen in reflections and refractions from the objects in the scene.



The Sun Light Enhancements

We've added a new option within the Sun Light type for shadow darkness and color. These controls are identical to the ones found in standard 3ds Max lights.


 Additionally, the Sun Light's anti-aliased shadows and Area shadows now work correctly on the DreamScape Terra object as well.



Sky Atmospheric Enhancements

We've added Daylight Exclude option to exclude objects that you do not want to be included in Daylight calculations. This effectively lets you fine-tune the daylight rendering and speed the process up significantly.


Additionally, there is a new Ground Color parameter. If Earth is hit, then transparency is set to zero, only if Ground Color isn't completely black.



DreamScape Noise Map Additions

Within the DreamScape: Noise map type, we've now added the standard 3ds Max Filtering controls so that you can blur and otherwise refine the noise parameters within your materials.



New Terra Material

A completely new material has been provided in DreamScape 2.5 that allows you to blend complete materials based on altitude and/or slope angle. In previous versions of DreamScape, you could only blend maps together, not entire materials.



Sea Material Improvements

Beyond a completely new UI layout within the DreamScape SeaMaterial, users now have additional controls that provide advanced looks for your water surfaces. Minimum Reflectivity levels can be set so that your water appears more or less reflective, even in shadowy areas. Self-reflection and refraction within the water surface is also now available. Foam is displaced by waves and there is new added support for 3ds Max Render Elements - Diffuse, Specular, Reflection and Refraction all now contain the appropriate components.



New DreamScape SubSurface Algorithm

Bug fixes aside, the Sub Surface algorithm has been overhauled and now offers two distinct methods (including a physically based system) for creating the underwater volume scattering effects and how the water interacts with the Sea Surface.



DreamScape SeaSurface Additions

DreamScape 2.5's Sea Surface has received a major update in it's Foam System. This new set of algorithms can create far more useful and realistic foam maps which are completely independent of the grid detail.


And with this new foam system comes the added benefit of being able to take the resultant .BMP maps and refine them within any editing package before final rendering.



Sea Dynamics Speed increases

New object partitioning code - significant speed up.

Improved dynamics, which are significantly faster and more accurate.