Objects in Simulation






Pick - Press this button to pick any geometry object from the scene. All the parameters in this dialog relate to the object that is currently highlighted in this list.


Remove - Removes the selected object from the list. Simulation Mesh Properties



Simulation Mesh Properties

Max. Depth Parts of the object that are below this depth will not be able to create wakes, nor will create foam "From Object".



Physical Properties

Object is Unyielding - Use this option for objects such as a dock or pier, for example. Only unyielding objects are able to reflect/refract waves.


Wake Strength -Amplitude of the wake created by an object in simulation.


Use Dynamics - Use this option to allow waves to move objects. Otherwise, objects will be able only to create wakes, but the water will have no influence on them. If you just want an object in the scene to create wakes but be keyframed normally, do NOT turn on Use Dynamics. Simply add the object to the simulation and then animate normally. Objects that collide or move across the Sea Surface will create wakes as expected, but will NOT bob up and down as they might in the real world


Note: Objects for which you want to initially have velocity and rotation will need to have one key set before the Start Frame and a second key set at the Start Frame. So if you want to have an object animated from frames 1 to 10 via keyframes, you'd set the Start Simulation spinner value to frame 10. That way, the Dynamics daemon has two keyframes to interpolate the object's motion prior to applying the physics engine to it directly.


Mass/kg - Mass of an object. If your object is sinking instead of floating on the water surface, try to reduce its mass.


Friction Friction between object and water. An object with higher friction will stabilize much faster.


Inertia Multiplier - Higher numbers will create objects that are more resistant to rotation.


Center of Gravity - This set of radio buttons lets you choose whether you want to use the center of the object's bounding box as its center of mass when calculating the simulation, or whether you want to use the object's pivot point. The center of gravity is very important to dynamics since it determines where the major mass of the object resides. If you want to have an object maintain a specific orientation, you will want to use the From Pivot Point option and move the pivot to the part of the object that you want to stay "down" in the water.


For instance, if you have a bottle and you want the opening to remain pointed up (out of the water), you'll want to move the pivot point of the object towards the base so that it will act as the center of gravity for that object.


Select Forces - This will bring up a dialog box allowing you to pick the Dreamscape Space Warps. DreamScape Space Warps can produce forces that will affect your objects.