MAXScript Access



DreamScape Terra allows direct MAXScript access to some of its functions.

Using those functions you can easily modify terrains, or even create a new ones.



Functions list:

void GenHField texmap

int GetHFSize

float GetHeight int int

void SetHeight int int float

void Refresh






Ter=Terra width:size height:20 wirecolor:(color 255 255 255) widthsegs:100

meditMaterials[1]=DreamScape__Noise ()

Ter.GenHField meditMaterials[1] size

select Ter

max tool zoomextents


for i=0 to size-1 do (

for j=0 to size-1 do (

ch=Ter.GetHeight i j


Ter.SetHeight i j ch




--refresh terrain - update Terra editor and 3ds Max viewport