Import Terrain - This option launches an import window. DreamScape Terra can import Terragen (.TER), USGS (.DEM), SDTS (.DDF) and DreamScape (.DST) files.


Export Terrain - Exports DreamScape terrains to .DST files.


Options - Clicking on this brings up the following dialog:




Levels - This spinner sets the maximum number of elevation grids to be stored in the Undo buffer. This way you can control memory consumption.


NOTE: An Undo/Redo buffer with a level of 9 for an elevation grid with 500 segments will take 9 x 500 x 500 x 2 = 4,500,000 bytes of your memory. Keep that in mind if you will be generating a terrain with more segments.



Elevation Color - Here you can create your elevation color gradient which will be used to colorize the terrain inside the Terra Editor. The left edge of the gradient represents the low areas, the right edge represents the high areas.


Make Default - Click this button to make the elevation color gradient that you have set to be the default.



Center Pointer - This option toggles mouse pointer behavior while dragging the elevation grid in the Terrain Preview window. If the option is checked, then after releasing the left mouse button during dragging of the zoomed elevation grid, the pointer will reappear in the center of the Preview window.


Close - Clicking on this option closes the Terra Editor window. You can also close the Terra Editor by clicking on the Windows Close button in the upper right corner of the dialog.