AfterFLICS Tools is running but there no messages regardless of plug-in actions. (Windows)


The following registry key contains a value, NoInteractiveServices, that controls the communication between AfterFLICS tools and service: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows - NoInteractiveServices key value is zero by default. If the value differs this will cause malfunction.



Changing the information inside AfterFLICS.ini file requires AfterFLICS restart

Just changing AfterFLICS.ini doesn't means that new parameters will be accepted immediately.
Once you have done with AfterFLICS.ini changes, start AfterFLICS tools and hit 'Restart Server' button. This will force AfterFLICS Server service to restart and to read new information stored inside the .ini file.

Also, be sure that your .ini file isn't corrupted. Here is a short example how the initial .ini file should look like.










Adding new licenses of the same product to the .lic file.

With AfterFLICS it is not possible to add a new license of the same product by simply authorizing the new serial number. Instead, user should authorize all licenses at once and we recommend the Manual Authorization option.