Export Parameters



Dynamics/Foam Export

DreamScape Dynamics results are stored inside a file on a per frame basis. Once the calculation is finished, you can freely scrub the Time Slider bar inside 3ds Max and the simulation results will be displayed instantly.


Start Frame - The simulation will be calculated from this frame. If the object in the simulation has "Use Dynamics" checked, then all keys from the start frame to the end frame will be deleted.


End Frame - Last frame of the simulation.


Viewport Update - Sometimes, during complex simulations, the Viewport update can be slow. Use this option to define the number of frames between Viewport updates.


Path - Prior to the foam/dynamics calculation you need to define the path and base filename. The Dynamics Daemon will save foam and wake data to the specified path.


Calculate - Press this button to start the Dynamics calculations. If you want to stop the simulation once started, either click the Cancel button in the physics dialog or hit the Esc key.