DreamScape: Sea Foam Map



Sea Surface and DreamScape Daemons are capable of producing foam along the crests of the sea waves. To actually apply foam data to the mesh and render it out, you will need to use this map along with the SeaMaterial. You can also use other native 3ds Max maps and mix your own foam map with the 3ds Max maps.




Low Density - This is the color of the low-density part of the foam.


High Density - The color you specify here is used for the high density parts of the foam. The final color will be interpolated between the low and high density.


Density Map - You can use this map to apply any other texture to the foam. The basic foam produced by Sea Surface and Daemons will be used as a mask for the Density map. This means that this map will show up only on the places where the foam already exists.