Command Panel




Render as Geometry - Activate this checkbox when you want to render out your Terra landscape as real 3ds Max geometry. Normally you'll want to render with this checkbox disabled, since one of the biggest advantages of rendering a Terra landscape as a procedural height field is very low memory consumption. However, if you don't want to use the Sun light type, or if you want to convert a Terra landscape object to an Editable mesh, then activate this checkbox.


The DreamScape Terra feature provides two modes of rendering:

a) As standard 3ds Max geometry

b) As a height field rendered with the DreamScape Atmospheric entry (Rendering->Environment->Atmosphere->Effects->Add).


Note: Be aware that there are several other situations when you might want to render your Terra landscapes out as real geometry. If you need to create image motion blur or add Z-buffer/G-buffer effects to your landscape, you will want to render the terrain as a mesh.




Height - This spinner controls the overall Terrain height. All areas within the Terra Editor's height map that are pure white will be elevated to this level.


Width - This spinner controls the overall Terrain width.


Viewport Segs - If Render as Geometry isn't checked, this spinner will define how many segments the mesh will have in the 3ds Max viewports. This number does not relate to the height field number of segments (which can be as high as 2000). When the Render as Geometry option is used, this spinner will define the number of segments that the Terra landscape will be rendered with.


Open Editor - Click this button to open the Terra Editor dialog.