New features in DreamScape 2.1 include the following:



The DreamScape Terra Editor has undergone major changes and touch-ups. It now features numerous tools that can also be found in other professional painting programs.


New additions include the ability to zoom, pan and resize the entire height field preview window, the inclusion of a quick navigator window, free-form selection tools, feathering of selection sets, terrain cropping, instant mesh preview inside viewport, MAXScript support for creating and modifying Terra, support for pressure-sensitive digitizing tablets, user defined undo/redo levels, and more.



Terrain Map

The DreamScape: Terrain Map now includes Falloff parameters for smooth transitions between different regions defined by altitude and/or slope.



Sky and Clouds

With new algorithms, 3D clouds, and full sky/cloud anti-aliasing methods, your skies will look more realistic than ever before while giving you top quality, flicker-free animations.


Up to 50% rendering time reduction (Sky and Sea Surface in the same scene) is now possible thanks to our new rendering technology.


Naval Dynamics

Since the very beginning, DreamScape's Sea Surface has been build with the extensibility in mind. DreamScape Daemons makes it possible to write helper objects that can communicate with Sea Surface and perform various calculation using its internal data.


The brand new Dynamics Daemon performs numerous calculations to simulate natural waves motion and object-water interactions. It can create realistic wakes that will reflect and refract, foam from wakes or object, as well as calculate buoyant and gravitational forces acting on an object.


Plus using DreamScape Engine Space Warp it is easy to create self-propelled objects that will move smoothly across a Sea Surface.



DreamScape: SeaMaterial

Sea Foam and Sea Bump maps now have separate map slots so you can use any other map in combination with them when creating your Sea Surface materials.


The Sea Bump map also includes filtering option, which will remove any flickering that might occur due to aliasing. New blurred reflections will allow creating even more realistic appearance of reflected objects.