Wind Daemon



The Wind Daemon forces the Noise to move in a certain direction, giving the illusion of wind affecting a volumetric effect.



On - Enables or disables the Wind Daemon.



Strength - The Wind Daemon is animated automatically, so there's no need to animate the strength. For a fast-moving wind effect, set it to a high value like 25. If you want a slowly-moving wind effect, use a lower value like 5. The Noise will appear to be moving in the direction of the icon's arrow. If the Strength value is negative, the effect direction will be reversed.


Decay - Causes the wind force to fade to zero set from the emitter.




Planar - When the shape is set to planar, the wind blows in one straight line in the icon's direction.


Spherical - When the shape is set to spherical, the wind blows from the center of the icon outwards in all directions.


This is similar to 3ds Max's Wind Space Warp. The icon size is not important; however, the direction of the wind is important.


Note: Use Spherical wind with caution as you may experience strange Noise motion after a certain number of frames. This is due to large Strength/Decay values that are used. Lower the Strength/Falloff values to fix the problem.




Global - This setting causes the wind to affect the volumetric effects globally. This means that whole particles (or AfterBurn Combustion) will be affected with the same amount of Wind.


Local - This setting causes the wind influence to be evaluated at each sample. By using this option, you can affect every sample by a different amount of wind (for example, with Decay or by using a Spherical Daemon Shape). You can use the Global Wind Daemon with more than 20 particles without noticing a difference from a Local one. However, if Decay or Spherical shapes are not used, there's no need to use the Local Daemon due to the effect being the same as using the Global one.


Keep in mind that rendering speed will be slower when using the Local type.


Icon Size - The size of the Wind Daemon icon. This serves only for displaying the Daemon inside the 3ds max viewports.