Void Daemon



The Void Daemon makes the Noise density fade to zero across some distance. Essentially, it can poke holes within the AfterBurn volumetric effects.


On - Enables or disables the Void Daemon.




Size - The affected area that is represented by the icon size.



In the images above, the size of the Void is varied from 14 to 35. As you can tell, the bigger the value, the bigger the hole 'drilled' in the AfterBurn Combustion effect.



Start - The falloff start distance from the icon.


End - The falloff end distance from the icon.


Below are left and camera viewport.



The left image is a side view of scene used. Area marked as 1 acts as the point where the noise is to disappear. Along area 2 volumetrics linearly becomes visible, and to become unaffected in area 3. A small Falloff value is used here because if you animate the Void drilling through an effect, noise will gradually disappear in front of Daemon. For this reason, it is always better to use some falloff, because the transition area where the noise disappears will be smoother. Otherwise artifacts can be produced unless an adequate Step Size is set in the AfterBurn effect.


The green border represents the effect limit set by size parameter




There are three different types of shapes you can choose from: Rectangular, Circular and Spherical.


The Void Daemon effect is limited by its size and there will be no effect to the volumetrics falling outside the icon size. The Falloff value also sets additional limits to the effect.


Note: For both the Rectangular and Circular Shape types, the effect extends in the direction of the viewport icon outwards (dependent upon the Falloff spinner setting). Since both of these shape types are 2D, they can be used to form a virtual cutoff plane for the volumetric effects.




Global - Each AfterBurn volumetric puff or Combustion Gizmo (container) will be affected on an individual level. This means that all samples inside a single container will be affected equally by the amount calculated in the center of the container.



Local - Enables the creation of density gradients along each AfterBurn volumetric puff or in an AfterBurn Combustion gizmo. With the Local type feature, you can actually drill a hole through your volumetric effects.




Affect Noise

Normal - The normal way of calculating the method in which the Void Daemon affects the volumetric puffs. By default, the arrows on the Void Daemon gizmo indicate the direction of the Void effect which is outward.


Inverted - When this option is selected, the Void Daemon's affect on the volumetric puffs is flipped. The easiest way to determine the direction of affect is to look at the viewport representation of the Void Daemon.