Swirl Daemon



The Swirl Daemon enables you to "swirl" your AfterBurn effects, like the effect produced by a dust devil or tornado. You can control how much swirling to apply and how fast it rotates.


On - This checkbox enables or disables the daemon.




Strength - The strength of the swirl effect. A higher value results in a stronger swirl. You must animate the Strength setting to produce a moving swirl effect.


Decay - The decay from the swirl center outwards. As the AfterBurn volumetric puffs get further away from the Swirl icon, the lower the amount of swirl will be applied to the puffs.


Radius - The radius of the swirl effect.


Volumetrics bounded by Decay and Radius will be affected by the Swirl effect only. As you move towards the Swirl Decay limits, the influence will be lessened.



The left image is the rendering output of the scene on the right. Notice how the whole AfterBurn Combustion is swirled.


In the images below, Daemons have been moved to the right and only Combustion parts that fall inside the icon are affected by Swirl.





Global - The swirl is evaluated at the center of the container and all samples contained are affected by the same amount.


Local - A new swirling amount is evaluated for each sample.