Sticky Particles



This particle system enables you to create particles that move along the mesh surface. Particles will be stuck in the same places even if the mesh is animated or morphed.


Pick Object - Click on this button to pick an object in the 3ds Max viewports that will be used as a base for particles distribution.



Particle Formation

This group of parameters lets you position the particles using various methods.



There are three different places that the Sticky Particles object can place the particles.

Vertices - Particles will be placed at vertices of the selected object.

Face Centers - Particles will be placed at the face centers of the selected object.

UV Coord - This option enables you to place particles on arbitrary locations defined by the "U" and "V" parameters.


Reduce - To reduce the total number of particles stuck to the mesh, you need to increase this value. It will effectively "skip" some parts of the selected geometry.


Mtl ID - This checkbox, when enabled, can further limit the placement of the particles on the geometry by placing particles only at the faces with the specified Material ID.



Viewport Particles

This group controls the shape of the particles that are displayed in the viewport.


Drops - This viewport option makes the particles appear as drops.

Dots - This viewport option makes the particles appear as dots.

Ticks - This viewport option makes the particles appear as ticks.




The timing controls define when and for how long the Sticky Particles live.



Start - This spinner defines the Sticky Particles' birth time.


Life - Once born, the Sticky Particles will exist between the defined start frame and Start+Life frame. So if the start time is frame 10, and the particles are told to live for 40 frames, the particles will die on frame 50.




Here is where you control the size of the Sticky Particle icon.



Width - This spinner controls the physical size of the icon in the 3ds Max viewports.


Hide - This checkbox controls whether the Sticky Particles icon is visible in the viewports.



Note: No 3ds max Space Warp will affect the position and/or velocity of these particles.